What a #gluviely time at the Royal Bath & West Show

It’s all the fun of the farm at this year’s Royal Bath & West Show! Thanks to all the animals and exhibitors for their #‎gluviely‬ help with our pics. Check out loads more HERE! 

We are always keen to raise awareness of Greenfingers

Here’s Rocky the Ram doing a ‪#‎gluvie‬ with Briers own #gluvie colleagues Lorna and Mike. He’s a superb winning 2 year Jacob ram from Amanda and Charlotte at The Heavenly Flock. Well done to him and them! ‪#‎greenfingerscharity‬ ‪#‎RBW16‬

Rocky the Ram doing a Briers #gluvie

Here’s a lovely landrace sow from Mike Brown. A wonderful nature posing for a ‪#‎gluvie‬! Thanks Mike and piggy!

Landrace sow from Mike Brown getting in on the #gluvie

He’s certainly not a bore! But another fantastic pig from Mike Brown. A little saddleback boar posing for a ‪#‎gluvie‬!

A little saddleback boar from Mike Brown getting a #gluviely pat from Lorna

A little saddleback boar from Mike Brown getting in on a #gluvie

The middle white piglets are just SO cute! We had a right squeal getting these pics! Thanks to the Royal Bath & West Show.

Middleback piglets getting the #gluvie treatment. So cute!

What a sight! The Pony Club Mounted Games were amazing! Such control and skill! Another ‪#‎gluviely‬ event at this year’s ‪#‎RBW16‬.

Pony Club games close-up #gluvie

What a cow! She certainly is that! She is a wonderful cow! Another‪ #‎gluviely‬ animal at this year’s ‪#‎RBW16‬. Thanks Robert for letting us pose for a ‪#‎gluvie‬ with her. She’s called Petworth Gypsy ‪#‎greenfingercharity‬

Petworth Gipsy #gluvie!

Petworth Gipsy stall card this 2016 Royal Bath & West Show

Here's me getting a #gluviely nuzzle from a beautiful Hampshire Down sheep. Right before it sneezed over me!

A Hampshire Down Sheep #gluvie with Mike at the 2016 Royal Bath & West Show

A friendly #gluvie sniff from this Hampshire Down!

Cute sheep!

A great afternoon! Thanks to everyone for their #gluviely help and support!


June 03, 2016 by Mike Cook
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