Our new website goes live...

Thank you for visiting us and reading our first blog post.

After a fashionably long absence from having any online presence, the Briers new website goes live. "Yeah and about time too!" many of you have already said.

Well, we are a small family firm and budgets and time always seem to be against us! Thank you for bearing with us in the meantime.

At the time of going live, everything you see has been proudly created in-house and actual proved more affordable that we anticipated. We know it's not perfect, and is more of an ongoing work in progress you might say. But so many people wanted us to get back online that this was our best solution.

So, whilst we've learnt that creating a website needn't cost the earth; it still does take time. That part not even we've been able to cut back on...

We hope you find inspiration from our products, imagery and ethos to get outside and do something great today; whether it's a spot of gardening to make your life a little more gorgeous or simple having some gorgeous fun. Whatever you do today, do it gorgeously!

All the very best and hope you pop by again soon.

The Briers Team


 Briers profession'elle gloves ready for a spot of gorgeous gardening

March 03, 2016 by Mike Cook
Tags: Store news
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