It's another win for Briers at Glee!

Briers win best New Product Award at Glee 2016

Starting the second day of the show (Tuesday 13th Sept) as an award winner with a Glee New Product Award was a fantastic result for the launch of this new range on the Briers stand (19H05).

Already extremely well received and selling well, the Julie Dodsworth Collection is the result of a partnership with Briers and this renowned designer, who wants to share the beauty and love for her patterns with the nation. Briers was naturally the perfect fit!

The beautiful packaging and design, the quality and also the affordability of Julie Dodsworth Orangery Leather Gardener Glove all helped secure its win! Its affordable price point of only £8.99 makes it great for everyday personal use as well as a great gift.

This glove is part of a collection of over 60 new great garden, home and potting shed products, all gorgeous and highly affordable for serious tasks, outdoor fun and perfect gift line as well.

Jackie and Julie are seen proudly holding the award. Having the designer of these beautiful patterns here at Glee and supporting the launch was the personal touch the Briers team were keen to embrace. What better person to have than Julie Dodsworth herself!

Julie was utterly delighted with the result and the whole collection. "It's fantastic! My beautiful patterns are now accessible to everyone and they've got an award too."

And Jackie was also ecstatic and over the moon with the award. "A fantastic accolade and superb recognition for another great Briers' product! Plus, it's a real morale booster for the whole team".

Glee New Product Awards 2016
Category: Home, Gift and Clothing
Winner: Briers - Julie Dodsworth Orangery Leather Comfy Gardener Glove

The NEW Julie Dodsworth Collection by Briers includes the beautiful and original designs of Flower Girl and Orangery.

Briers win best New Product Award at Glee 2016

September 13, 2016 by Mike Cook
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