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The weather is a British obsession and no wonder with the elements ever-changing; it's rain one minute and sunshine the next.

With its large numbers and clear icons, this digital monitoring station keeps you updated and prepared for whatever mother nature might throw at you.

    Why we love it!

    • Know what the weather's up to from the comfort of your home
    • Weather forecast for four conditions: Sunny, Slightly Cloudy, Cloudy & Rainy
    • Digital LCD display with 6 buttons: Time, Alarm, Up, Down, Snooze & Channel
    • Displays: day, date, time, weather forecast, humidity, temperature & moon phase calendar
    • Shows the effect of outdoor humidity through its comfort indicator
    • Time & date automatically updated
    • Date & time displayed in 12 or 24 hours formats
    • Temperature displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit
    • Checks indoor temperature and humidity every 10 seconds
    • Checks outdoor temperature and humidity reception every 3 minuets
    • 3 levels of humidity comfort indicated via the face icon
    • Up to 8 types of moon phase are also displayed
    • The weather monitoring display can be wall-mounted or stand flat on a surface indoors
    • The outdoor sensor is wireless and can be mounted outside unobtrusively


    • Weather station monitoring unit requires 2x AAA batteries
    • The outdoor sensor needs 2x AAA batteries
    • Batteries are not included