William Morris Honeysuckle Gift Boxed Hand Trowel

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Beautiful and gorgeously practical too! This handy garden trowel is built to last and to look great. Comfy in the hand for any digging, re-potting or general trowel-needing tasks.

  • Beautifully gift boxed for you or someone dear

Out of the box, this trowel's great looks really shine through!

  • Stainless steel for rust-free, worry-free gardening
  • Half-dipped handle finish - because it just looks gorgeous!
  • Ergonomically shaped handle for extra comfort when in use
  • William Morris logo decoratively burned into the handle
  • Handle loop for hanging up so you can find it (or just show it off...)

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful" William Morris.

Be inspired with gorgeous images of our William Morris Collections here.

The Honeysuckle Pattern

Honeysuckle was designed by May Morris in 1883, William's youngest daughter. The design is a realistic arrangement of rambling flowers and entwining leaves. May had a talent for textiles and managed the embroidery department for her father.

Briers William Morris Gallery Honeysuckle Collection PatternWilliam Morris Gallery Logo

This truly iconic British design has been perfected by modern techniques to provide current generations with a true-to-original pattern on a variety of materials not previously possible. Offering beauty, style and affordability, all combined with impeccable historical credentials.

Supporting the true home of William Morris with a royalty being paid to the William Morris Gallery and thus supporting the preservation of the patterns and creations of the world famous iconic designer and his family.